Things That Matter

I don’t like giving blood. It isn’t fun. I don’t react well. Usually it is my own fault. I fail to eat a hearty breakfast as I know I should. Last time, I got the sweats, and thought for sure I was going to pass out. Honestly, how embarrassing. There I sit, a grown man, barely able to keep himself conscious. Meanwhile, the frail little lady next to me is looking at me as though I’m pathetic. I’m sure she is thinking that back in her day men were made of stronger stuff.

To make matters worse two co-workers of mine there at the time. One started before me, and the other, after. While the questionnaire is done in private, the actual blood draw is done in a couple of semi-circles giving each phlebotomist access to numerous patients quickly. I didn’t really think about them at the time. I was pretty preoccupied with my own situation, but as it wrapped up I was pretty sure there would be a rash of taunting awaiting my arrival back at the office.

This event took place nearly a month ago. So what made me think of it today? I got a text from the blood bank saying that my donation had been sent to the hospital. It was currently being used by a patient. Nice move blood bank.

Today, consumers have more options than ever before when choosing where to spend their money. Often we think due to the internet and “show rooming” that shoppers care about one thing. Price. I assure you that isn’t the case. While consumers may not feel loyalty to brick and mortar buildings down the street, they do feel a deep desire to do business with companies who are seen as socially conscious.

Many consumers now believe business owners have a responsibility to give back to the world at large as well as the communities that made them successful. Social consciousness can come in many forms. It can be a company commitment to green energy, recycling, homelessness, childhood hunger, poverty, veterans, mental health issues, beating cancer, childhood obesity, etc.The list of needs in this world is seemingly endless, and most likely you are already doing something that shows just how much you care.

Perhaps you’ve donated items to the local sports team for their raffle. Perhaps you have done a free dental day for the needy in your community, or you pay your employees for a day of their time to work at a local soup kitchen. Whatever you are doing. Don’t be afraid to shout about it in your marketing. Let people know that when they do business with you, those dollars continue to good across the community.

For some of you it may feel as though you shouldn’t be singing your own praises. You are wrong. The next time I’m sitting in the chair of a blood drive, I’ll remember that text reminding me of all the good my donation did, and it might just make it worthwhile. The next time your customer is digging into their wallet to purchase your product or service, they will remember the local little league team that was able to play ball this year due to the donation made possible by purchases like this one.

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