They Know My Name

Today I walked into a local car dealer to have a little service work done on my wife’s vehicle, and the Service Manager remembered my name. Honestly I was a little taken back. I have only spoken with this particular manager on 2 other occasions that I can remember.

I have always preached the importance of remembering our customers names. The one simple act gives the impression that the person you are speaking to is important and you value the relationship.

Being on the other end I can say, it felt nice and gave the service a personal touch that made me want to come back for service in the future.

I can’t help but wonder if he really remembered my name, or if he simply looked to see who had appointments coming up. Either way it had the desired effect.

Whether we have to take the extra step to look up their name, or if we are simply blessed with a memory that retains names, it’s worth it to call our customers by their first name.

They will appreciate it, and it will likely result in more business in the future.

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